Is the site safe, secure & anonymous?

The site was created to help people have fun but above all to do it safely.

On this topic, there are several reasons to feel rest assured:

EPHEMERAL: The person viewing your photos can only see it for 5 seconds. Before viewing it, the thumbnails are hidden, and after they are no longer visible.

GOOGLE WILL KNOW NOTHING: Unlike others, we don't let search engines collect your photos.

CHOOSE WHO YOU WANT TO VIEW YOUR CONTENT: You can choose not to let people who don't have accounts to see your content.

ANONYMITY: We do not share your information with others. What is published on the site… remains on this site.

CERTIFICATION: Certification is adding a degree of confidence.

MODERATION: Our team monitors your security 24 hours a day. All content is verified by hand and complaints handled almost instantly.

ANTI FAKE FIGHT: We make sure to keep our community 100% safe and confident. That's why all content is thoroughly checked in order to get rid of fake accounts.

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