Find out why the common booster is super power

The booster is a superpower that allows you to multiply your flames.

How does it work?

There are three concepts that must be distinguished:

- Your booster: it depends on the number of trophies you've won

- Other members' booster: they also depend on the number of trophies they've won

 - Bonus booster: A bonus booster inflates the common boost that you share with another member, so it rewards the interactions between this member and you. The more each other's photos you like, the more messages you two exchange between yourself, the more flames you offer (or receive), the more your Bonus Booster will increase!

The common booster is very important because it allows you to find out the flame multiplier :


For example, by offering a gift worth 10 flames to a member with whom you share 200% of common boost, your virtual gift will save you both 10 x 200% or 30 flames!

Our tips for gaining flames:

1- Interact with the members who have a big booster. That will increase your common booster and it will help you gain more flames than interacting with members who have a weak booster.

2- Win a maximum of trophies to have the highest possible booster ... and make members want to interact with you first!

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