The website was born out of a long friendship.

Two childhood friends who worked independently on different projects shared ideas while having a few glasses of wine. One of them revealed that she would love to show photos of her naked body but no site out there gave her the confidence nor did any fulfill her desires.

''I'm not against seeing photos of penises but I want to take it slow!''

"I want a site that will not endanger my privacy, a place where I can feel secure."

"I want to have fun and share my desires with people who have similar interests."

A few glasses later, a sheet of paper was filled with ideas and doodles :)

The two founding ideas were:

First idea: photo, video and chat content will be ephemeral. Members can see it only once and photos will be visible only for 5 seconds. After a few days, everything would disappear.

Second idea: Idea to classify all the content by temperature so that everyone can watch the type of content they like. Everyone could navigate and enjoy the site at their own pace whether they preferred Soft, Sexy or Explicit content.

                                           THE BIRTH OF A COMMUNITY:

Our community was born the very next day, going from a few subscribers to creating a service that now has several hundred thousand members from all around the world: France, United States, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Mexico, South Korea, Philippines, Canada, Italy, Portugal, India…

There are no borders when it comes to fun. Today we are committed to working hand in hand with our members in order never to break the promise we made to a friend.

We are proud to have you among us and hope that you will participate and contribute positively to the development of this beautiful project. Above all, please don't forget to have fun in life!

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