How can I maximize my chances of meeting people on the site?

To maximize your chances of meeting people on the site, here are some useful tips that will help other members get in touch with you.

State of mind:

Please don't be too impatient. Members you are interacting with will notice it and will not find it attractive.

Spelling mistakes:

Please try reducing spelling mistakes and errors. Taking care of your spelling is absolutely essential! (do not hesitate to get useful help from a free correction software).

Your pseudonym:

Choose an original pseudonym that is not too direct and attracts curiosity.

The description:

It is very important not to forget to publish a description of yourself. Introduce yourself by avoiding to speak only about you and your measurements. Feel free to publish a quote that you particularly appreciate in case of lack of inspiration.

Your profile:

It is very important to have a profile with an avatar and complete information of yourself to make it stand out among the others. A descriptive profile will make others find out about you even more.

The certification:

Certification is a pledge of confidence, use it!

Your photos and videos:

You don’t have to do it, but it’s worth giving a try when you see a profile with photos and videos you like, to explore it and see what it’s about. Just choose a photo that’s not intimidating to get started, and soon you’ll be off checking out everything.

Virtual gifts:

Virtual gifts are fun and help whoever receives them get on the top. It is an effective way to stand out and break the ice during the chat.

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