Is it allowed to publish content found on the internet?

There are two ways to exchange photos and videos on our site: in the PUBLIC and PRIVATE sections.

In the PUBLIC section, the content must represent you, it is strictly forbidden to publish content found on the internet, whether it is done intentionally or not, it’s prohibited if it misleads members and misrepresents your identity.

In the PRIVATE (on the chat) section, you can to some extent share content that does not represent you if it is not done with the intent to misguide or misrepresent yourself, or against the will of the people represented.

For example, I can PRIVATELY publish a photo of a beach where I spent my last vacation, a photo of clothing that I just bought but I cannot share a photo of a woman and pretend that it’s me, or if the person in the photo does not know that I am sharing it.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in the immediate banishment of your profile.

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