What are the tips for a good avatar?

The avatar is the first thing other members see when your profile appears in the chat list, it appears in the search box or when you start a conversation in the chat.

The avatar is your virtual face, it says a lot about you and allows you to distinguish yourself from other community members.

It is therefore essential to upload an avatar and also to have a good one.

Of course, we strongly advise you to upload a photo of your face or a pretty part of your body (mouth, torso, chest).

If you are shy and you have no inspiration, upload a photo of a subject that you like, it is still better than nothing. For example, something that has to do with your hobby (tennis, dogs), a place that you like to visit (mountain, beach) or perhaps your favorite actor or musician.

However, quickly, you will have to refine this photo and upload something that represents your personality but above all that makes other members come and talk to you.

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